External Ear Inflammation

Mar 15, 2022

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External ear inflammation is one of the most common conditions. It is an ailment that is more common in people who swim in dirty seas or pools. External otitis media is a disease caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the external auditory canal and sometimes the eardrum. The bacterium that causes inflammation of the outer ear is called pseudomonas arruginos. This inflammation of the external auditory canal usually causes a lot of discomfort to people. It usually develops in an acute or chronic form. And it usually causes extreme pain in the ear. The occurrence of external otitis media is sometimes caused by excessive contamination or excessive cleaning of the ear. Whether the disease course is acute or chronic varies from patient to patient.

Symptoms of External Ear Inflammation

Knowing the symptoms of external otitis media is very important for the treatment of this disease. The resulting symptoms usually vary according to the patient. The most common symptoms of external otitis media are extreme itching inside the ear. However, frequent and severe pain in the ear that occurs from time to time is among the symptoms. It often causes blockage in the ear. Some people also experience severe pain when they touch their ear. It sometimes causes swelling in the ear canal of the ear or in the ear canal of our ear. A foul-smelling and different colored discharge also occurs in the ear, although the color may vary. In some cases, fever is caused by an infection in the ear.

Risk Factors For External Ear Inflammation

When we look at the risk factors of the external auditory canal, there are usually people who experience discomfort related to the external auditory canal. Knowing the risk factors of these diseases is very important for the treatment and diagnosis of the disease. Generally, people who have a lot of contact with polluted water are among the risk factors. However, people need to be careful when bathing or swimming in seas and pools and pay attention to the risk factor here. Even someone who has never had any problems with the outer ear has the potential to develop this disease. However, they are generally less at risk than other groups of people. People with chronic diabetes are in these risk groups along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients. However, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic diseases are among the risk groups, along with people who have undergone organ transplantation and people with irregular nutrition. At the same time, AIDS patients are very sensitive to external otitis media and should pay particular attention.

Causes Of External Ear Inflammation

The biggest reason why people with external otitis media get this disease is due to fungi and infections. Since the mucous membrane of the ear canal in our ear has a very warm and moist structure, the growth of fungi and infections is quite high. Therefore, some dirty water and too many baths make this place favorable for fungal growth. Another cause of external otitis media is trying to clean the ear too much with earwash, which also causes inflammation. At the same time, the insertion of different objects in the ear is more inflammation of the outer ear. In addition, different objects inserted into the ear disrupt the natural structure of the ear mucosa. This provides a favorable environment for bacterial growth. It is also among the causes of external auditory canal inflammation due to allergic or dermatologic causes, although it varies from person to person.

Treatment Of External Ear Inflammation

People with symptoms of the external auditory canal should definitely visit a specialist doctor and get a definitive diagnosis of inflammation of the external auditory canal. Then, people who learn that they have external auditory canal inflammation should definitely not use any medication on their own or apply treatment on their own and should definitely learn the treatment process from a specialist doctor. After the doctor’s examination, the ear canal is cleaned by the specialist. In addition, starting drug treatment without cleaning the inflammation in the ear canal has very bad consequences. If there is a lot of discharge or inflammation in the ear, you should be very careful and clean it in this way. After cleaning, doctors start ear drops or medication, depending on the patient’s prognosis. The most important factor in this disease is early diagnosis and rapid intervention. Doctors usually treat this disease within 5 or 10 days. When they follow their doctor’s advice or treatment, patients experience positive improvements.

Points To Consider In The Treatment Of External Ear Inflammation

When the points to be considered in the external auditory canal inflammation treatment process are followed, the patient’s treatment is shorter and more effective. Especially when the treatment process begins for the ear of the disease, there are points that should be avoided or done other than the medications prescribed by the doctor. Patients who are prescribed medication by the doctor should keep their ears dry during the treatment process with this medication and should not tend to breed any bacteria here. During this treatment process, you should not swim in the sea or pool for a very long time. If there is discharge in the ear, medication should be applied after cleaning this discharge. Too much itching of the ear or too much playing with the ear during this treatment process causes the inflammation to increase even more. However, it is necessary to use the medication as recommended by the doctor and not to overdo it. When such points are taken into consideration, a very successful treatment process is undergone and the patient regains his/her health quickly.

How To Prevent External Ear Inflammation

External auditory canal inflammation can be seen in people who have had this disease before, as well as in people who have never had this disease. So it is a situation that can happen to almost all of us. However, there are many things we should pay attention to in order to prevent external otitis media. It is especially important to keep the external auditory canal clean and dry at all times. However, not staying too long in the sea or pools is also one of the ways to prevent external ear canal inflammation. It is necessary to use a towel to clean primary school foods that sound too foreign. When swimming in the sea and pools, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the water.

People With The Highest Incidence Of External Ear Inflammation

External auditory canal inflammation is generally more common in people with risk factors. However, it is also very common in people who are excessively busy with water. External auditory canal inflammation is seen with excessive cleaning or excessive contamination of the ear. For this reason, it is very common in people who are overly sensitive to their ears or who do not pay attention to excessive cleaning. At the same time, since the rate of water getting into the ear is high in younger children, it is also quite common in them. However, since external auditory canal inflammation is a treatable disease, treatment is possible even in people with this condition if the treatment process is paid attention and the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

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