May 01, 2023

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30 Second Summary

  • Labiaplasty is an aesthetic operation applied to the inner and outer genital lips.
  • It can be applied for reasons such as asymmetrical, larger or sagging inner lips.
  • It can provide shaping, filling and tightening of the external genital organs that have been deformed due to various reasons.
  • The healing process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the name given to the aesthetic operation applied to the inner and outer genital lips. Labiaplasty, which has an increasing demand worldwide, provides many benefits to people not only aesthetically but also functionally if it is applied with the right techniques and by experts in the field.

The external genital organs are called labia. The surface of this area is covered with hairs and the thicker and fuller part is called the outer lips. The thinner structure located at the bottom of the outer lips is called the inner lips.

Labiaplasty is usually applied to the labia minora. Labiaplasty, which is applied for reasons such as asymmetrical, larger or sagging inner lips, is rarely applied to the outer lips. It is applied to the outer lips as augmentation or reduction procedures.

Labiaplasty can reshape, fill and tighten the external genital organs that have been deformed due to various reasons.

Types of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty operations may require more than one surgical approach. The surgical approaches used depend on what the problem is. There is more than one surgical method. The most commonly used surgical methods today are the following.

Partial (Edge) Resection

Basically, it is the name given to the process of removing the excess tissue in the external genital organs by making an incision. First, the excess tissue is identified and marked. Excess tissue is then removed using a laser or through an incision.

Wedge resection

It is the name given to the procedure applied to reduce the inner lips of the vagina. In this procedure applied to the middle part of the labia, V-shaped lips are removed. This procedure preserves the outline of the labium minora. The process is completed by sewing the remaining parts together after the incision.

Laser Labiaplasty

In this method, procedures are applied using laser technology. The incisions to be applied in this procedure are applied using laser technology. Since the tissues are removed by burning in the laser method, the risk of infection is minimized. If the procedure is performed by a professional physician, the likelihood of a positive result increases.


Z-Plasty is applied to the inner lips and the inner lips are removed in a Z-shape.


The method applied in patients with minimal enlargement of the labium minors is called the Deepitelization method. If the growth in the structures is too large, this procedure cannot be applied. Because the amount of tissue that can be removed with this method is limited. The outline of the vaginal labia minora is preserved in the procedure.

Eserdag Barbie Vagina method

It is the most preferred method in genital aesthetics. To achieve this look, the inner lips are shortened as much as possible. For this, the skin on the clitoris is reduced as much as possible in an inverted Y-shape. If necessary, fat injection is applied to the outer lips to achieve a sexier appearance. Thus, the outer lips completely cover the inner lips.

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When is labiaplasty needed?

The appearance of the external genital organs of women is different from each other. For this reason, it is not possible to define normal or abnormal. For this reason, it can be applied to all women who are not happy with the appearance of the external genital organs. Because not liking the genital appearance can cause low self-esteem and stress in women. This causes women to avoid sexual intercourse and psychological problems.

In addition, especially large inner labia can cause irritation of the genital area, hygiene problems and thus chronic infection. Large inner lips cause the genital area to appear bulging and cause unpleasant images in clothes such as swimsuits or underwear. In addition, large inner lips cause women to feel uncomfortable while sitting, walking, riding a bicycle or horse.

Large inner lips cause women to have problems during sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, the inner lips are pulled into the vagina, causing women to experience pain during sexual intercourse. In addition, they may have difficulty in sexual intercourse and avoid sexual intercourse because they are ashamed of their appearance. Asymmetrical external genitalia cause urine to travel in different directions during urination.

Labial hypertrophy

It is the name given to the situation where the inner lips protrude beyond the outer lips due to the large size of the inner lips. Although this is a congenital condition, it increases after puberty due to hormonal changes. It is also possible for the inner lips to enlarge due to fungal infections, friction or itching. Births and advancing age can also cause sagging of the inner lips.


The fact that one side of the external genital organs has a different structure than the other side is called asymmetry. It is usually a congenital feature, but can also be caused by traumatic causes such as traffic or bicycle accidents.

Edge irregularities

It is a condition in which the color at the ends of the inner lips darkens and the edges are indented and protruding.

How is labiaplasty performed?

Labiaplasty surgery can be performed under general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or superficial anesthesia depending on the general health status of the patients. Regardless of the type of anesthesia applied, patients do not feel any pain or ache during the operation.

In labiaplasty surgeries, unwanted areas are first removed. The remaining tissues are then repaired accordingly. As a result, the external genital organs are reduced and have a symmetrical appearance. The technique to be applied varies according to the anatomical structures of the patients.

Recovery after labiaplasty

Hospitalization is usually not required after labiaplasty. For this reason, patients are discharged after approximately 6 hours of observation. Afterwards, it is sufficient for patients to rest for 2 to 3 days. Patients need to wait 4 to 6 weeks before they can exercise and resume their sexual life.

Labiaplasty considerations

Labiaplasty is usually one of the day-to-day operations. For this reason, patients do not need to worry. It is an extremely simple procedure, but there is a risk of infection. For this reason, some precautions need to be taken.

It is normal to see bleeding in the suture area after the operation. This bleeding usually takes the form of discharge. Patients should consult a doctor if bleeding increases in severity. In addition, edema is also expected after the operation. Usually, the edema that occurs the day after surgery continues for a while. If the edema persists for a long time, a doctor should be consulted.

The risk of infection after labiaplasty is low. However, some points need to be considered to further reduce this risk. For this reason, jacuzzi, hot bath and pool should not be used especially after surgery. Maximum attention must also be paid to hygiene. Finally, doctor controls should not be interrupted.

What happens if labiaplasty is not performed when needed?

Among the problems that may be encountered if patients avoid Labiaplasty operation despite the necessary conditions for Labiaplasty are the following:

  • Sexual aversion
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Stress
  • Urine going in different directions during urination
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty in sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty with activities such as walking or cycling
  • Hygiene problems
  • Chronic infections
  • Irritation in the genital area

What are the benefits of labiaplasty?

Today, the rapid increase in developments in the field of medicine, especially aesthetic operations, ensures much more successful results from the procedures performed. For this reason, satisfaction rates increase after aesthetic operations. Women's lives change significantly after genital aesthetic operations. These changes include the following:

  • Pain and difficulties during sexual intercourse are eliminated and women experience more pleasure.
  • A much more aesthetic image is obtained with tights, swimwear or sportswear.
  • After the operation, women feel much more confident.
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