Mar 29, 2022

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It is an innate hormone in the human body that regulates the balance of sleep and wakefulness. It is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland at the bottom of the brain. Melatonin helps regulate blood pressure as well as the time between sleep and awakening. It also synchronizes people’s seasonal reproductive drives and factors that occur with daily cycles.

Melatonin Effects

Melatonin’s job is to regulate sleep and wakefulness cycles in people’s day and night cycles. Dark environments often help the body to produce a lot of melodies and prepare the body for sleep. Places that are brighter and more illuminated reduce melatonin production and give the body signals to wake up. In people with sleep problems, melatonin levels are quite low. People with sleep problems are usually supplemented with melatonin. And these people are given melatonin supplements about 5 minutes before going to sleep.

Melatonin Side Effects

In some cases, side effects occur in people who are given melatonin as a supplement. These side effects include dry mouth, mouth ulcers, fatigue, headache and dizziness. Some people also experience nausea, inflammation of the skin and rashes. Although less common Side effects such as indigestion and heartburn are also seen. The use of melatonin in people with hypertension causes side effects such as restlessness, diarrhea, menopausal symptoms and migraines. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use melatonin supplements. The use of melody also triggers high blood pressure.

Melatonin Benefits/span>

Melatonin improves the quality of sleep outside of one’s sleep time and creates a productive sleep. At the same time, the antioxidants contained in melatonin prevent damage to cells due to its effect on the body. It acts as a protection against any infection and any condition in the immune system. It is also very important for people’s eye health. Melatonin, which has a protective effect against any cancer, is known to prevent the formation of breast cancer and colon cancer. It also has very positive effects on acute and kidney disease. It prevents damage to the immune system caused by stress. It also has very positive effects on cardiovascular systems.

How to increase melatonin levels?

Low levels of melatonin in the human body cause many sleep disorders. However, many more people suffer negative consequences such as fatigue, fatigue, depression. If melatonin levels are not normal, it has very positive consequences, especially on our immune system. It also improves people’s quality of life during the day as it reduces stress. Therefore, people with low melatonin levels should purify themselves if they smoke and drink alcohol in their daily lives in order to bring their melatonin levels to normal values. At the same time, coffee consumption should not be consumed excessively as it reduces melatonin release. Creating a sleep pattern before midnight and not eating too much in the evening also increases melatonin levels. Spending too much time in bed and not using a night light increases melatonin secretion.

Symptoms of a deficiency of the hormone melatonin

In the absence of melatonin hormone, many conditions occur in the human body. These include, in particular, extremely disturbed sleep patterns and a constant feeling of being depressed. Feeling excessive anxiety is also caused by melatonin deficiency. The most common symptom is a persistent feeling of weakness and fatigue.

In which age groups is melatonin deficiency more common?

Melatonin is generally less secreted as people get older. In younger people, the hormone melatonin is secreted quite high, while in older people, on the contrary, it is secreted quite low. If melatonin secretion decreases faster than normal, aging begins to increase rapidly in these people. At the same time, a decrease in melatonin levels is more common in older people, which can lead to many diseases. In younger people, melatonin levels are seen at normal levels. Therefore, older people should consult a doctor if they show some of the symptoms of melatonin deficiency.

Treatment Of Melatonin Deficiency

In melatonin deficiency, people usually have sleep disorders. These people are expected to secrete the hormone melatonin between 11 pm and 5 am. Therefore, people with melatonin deficiency should sleep at these time intervals. People with other symptoms should definitely see a specialist doctor. At the same time, in the treatment of melatonin deficiency, you need to create a more peaceful and comfortable environment for your sleep. However, you should pay attention to physical activity in your daily life and do sports at regular intervals. Limit daytime sleep Instead, we need to sleep more regularly at night. Trying to avoid all harmful habits that affect sleep is more important for the treatment of melatonin deficiency. When patients with certain symptoms consult a doctor, melatonin supplementation is made by the doctor. It is important to follow all the doctor’s instructions and the treatment process during the treatment to ensure a positive outcome of the treatment.

What changes in our body when melatonin is secreted regularly and adequately?

When melatonin is secreted regularly and adequately in our body, it brings many positive effects in our body. Melatonin has a great effect on sleep and has great benefits for people regardless of age. Therefore, when melatonin is secreted regularly and sufficiently in our body, we have a better quality sleep. However, the secretion of melatonin hormone against any depression that may occur saves people from this situation. Since melatonin secretion occurs during sleep, it also activates growth hormone. It has a huge impact on muscle mass and strength in older people. Since melatonin contains a very powerful antioxidant, it has a positive effect on the cells in the eye and helps eye health. Melatonin also reduces the symptoms of people suffering from reflux disease as it prevents gastric synthesis from occurring. Regular and adequate melatonin levels provide the person with a quality sleep, making them more active and energetic during the day.

If people taking melatonin supplements are also taking medication for other diseases, these drugs should not be consumed together as they may interact with melatonin. You should not take melatonin supplements, especially if you are taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers. However, blood thinners, i.e. drugs known as blood thinners, should not be used. For patients with seizures, drugs that prevent seizures from occurring should not be used as they may interact with melatonin. At the same time, people who use birth control pills should not take melatonin supplements. Even if she takes melatonin supplements, she should do so under the supervision of a doctor. However, diabetic patients should not use diabetes medications together with melatonin supplements. People who use certain medications called immunosuppressive drugs should not use melatonin supplements together with these drugs. Otherwise, these people may experience some side effects. These side effects usually include dizziness, headache and nausea. If the doctor sees a low melatonin level, you should definitely inform the doctor about the medications you have used.

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