Tonsil Inflammation

Mar 14, 2022

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Tonsillitis, commonly known as pediatric tonsillitis, is known as tonsillitis in medicine. It can be seen in both young and old people as well as children. Tonsillitis occurs when the tonsils in the back of our throat, which are located on the right and left sides, become inflamed. Tonsils, which are almost a defense mechanism in our body, are the place where harmful germs entering from our mouth are kept. It is also responsible for producing white blood cells in our body. White blood cells play a very important role in our immune system. In some unexpected cases, harmful microbes that enter our throat through the mouth remain outside the defense system of the tonsils, causing the microbes to multiply and become inflamed.

Types of Tonsil Inflammation

Tonsillitis is basically divided into two groups: acute tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis. Acute tonsillitis is tonsillitis in which the symptoms of tonsillitis last for 3 to 4 days. In some cases, this period extends up to 15 days. In chronic tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils recurs frequently. And it causes the tonsils to fail to do their job.

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Causes of Tonsil Inflammation

The main cause of tonsillitis is viruses that accumulate in the tonsils. Viruses cause inflammation of the tonsils quite often, while bacteria rarely cause this condition. Tonsillitis is usually transmitted by people who have problems with the tonsils, that is, infected people, being in the same environment with healthy individuals and breathing the same air. Excessive exposure to cigarette smoke in young children is also among the causes that trigger tonsillitis. I don’t know, consuming extremely cold and extremely hot foods is also among the reasons that trigger tonsillitis.

Symptoms of Tonsil Inflammation

Symptoms of tonsillitis generally cause swelling and redness in the throat. In addition, frequent pain in the throat and difficulty in eating and drinking due to swelling are among the symptoms. These are quite common symptoms, but there are also less common symptoms. Less common symptoms include bad breath and nausea. At the same time, abdominal pain and loss of appetite are among the less common symptoms of tonsillitis. At the same time, conditions such as vomiting are rarely encountered.

Symptoms of Chronic Tonsil Inflammation

Chronic tonsillitis is very uncomfortable for the patient because it recurs frequently. Symptoms include frequent swelling of the tonsils. People also have bad breath. The formation of tonsil stones on the tonsils is also among the symptoms of chronic tonsillitis. Pain in the throat and difficulty breathing and swallowing are also symptoms of chronic tonsillitis. At the same time, enlargement of the lymph nodes in the neck is observed.

Symptoms of Acute Tonsil Inflammation

Symptoms of acute tonsillitis are experienced for a shorter period of time. They usually have a high fever. It is also seen in cases such as pain in the throat, pain in the ear and headache. At the same time, difficulty in swallowing caused by swelling in the throat while swallowing, resulting in loss of appetite. Hoarseness of voice, nausea and vomiting are also among the symptoms of acute tonsillitis.

Tonsil Inflammation Treatment

In tonsillitis, it is usually possible to heal the infection that occurs in the tonsils. However, resting plenty of rest during this period and consuming plenty of fluids are good for tonsillitis. At the same time, regular use of medications prescribed by the doctor according to the course of the disease is among the treatments of the disease. When the treatment prescribed by the doctor is adequately followed, the patient recovers within ten to fifteen days.

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