Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

  • Ohio, Cleveland

First established in 1921, the Cleveland Clinic was the world's first integrated international health system. With more than 65,000 specialists in more than 200 locations, the organization provides healthcare services to 6 million patients annually.

Cleveland Clinic is at the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare developments and is also implementing many projects to improve the experience of patients and their families. In addition, the organization also cares about its employees and takes initiatives to increase employee loyalty in order to increase the loyalty of employees and to carry out more productive work in the field of medicine.

Cleveland Clinical Institutes

The Cleveland Clinic has 22 different institutes. These institutes, which provide services in different fields of medicine, include the following.

  • Anesthesiology and pain management: in this department, where a fully integrated care model is adopted, diagnostics, medical management and practices to improve quality of life are carried out.
  • Bariatric and metabolic institute: In this unit, where a multidisciplinary approach is determined, the most accurate weight loss program is determined for patients and patients are helped to regain their health.
  • Cancer institute: more than 700 researchers and specialists work in this department, which ensures the long-term survival of patients with complete and internationally recognized methods.
  • Pediatrics institute
  • Community health: is the department where personalized primary health care is provided to all family members from the newborn period to the elderly adult period.
  • Institute of dermatology and plastic surgery: the latest medical and surgical procedures are performed in the department, which successfully treats not only diseases but also aesthetic interventions.
  • Institute of Digestive Diseases and Surgery: providing advanced medical and surgical care using reliable and proven methods, the department applies an integrated care model aimed at optimizing the patient experience.
  • Emergency services institute: the emergency department, which serves adult and pediatric patients, is also located in the 95% segment, which ensures superior patient satisfaction.
  • Institute of endocrinology and metabolism
  • Eye institute: serves as a pioneering department for retinal diseases all over the world.
  • Genomics: providing personalized genetic health services, the department is one of the world's leading departments in the field of genomic medicine. This provides patients with the most comprehensive clinical genetic services.
  • Head and neck institute: another department that ranks first worldwide is the head and neck institute. It incorporates many different areas of expertise.
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute: patients from 136 countries travel to this world-leading department.
  • Imaging institute: combining expertise and technology, more than 2.7 million procedures are performed annually.
  • Neurology institute: serving pediatric and adult patients, this department adopts a multidisciplinary and patient-oriented model.
  • Institute of Nursing: The unit that deals with the training and supervision of nurses at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Institute of gynecology and obstetrics
  • Institute of orthopedics and rheumatology
  • Respiratory Institute
  • Urology and kidney institute
  • Health and preventive medicine

Specialized specialized institutes

Some of the health services provided at the Cleveland Clinic are related to specialized areas of medicine. These areas include the following.

  • Art and medicine
  • Research institute
  • Biological storage
  • Quality and patient safety institute
  • Body donation
  • Professional staff jobs
  • Patient experience
  • Institute of Philanthropy

Education opportunities

Cleveland Clinic is one of the leading medical institutions not only in patient care but also in the training of doctors and nurses. The Cleveland Clinic has established the following units for this purpose.

  • Lerner Medical School
  • Alumni Association
  • International Medical Education Center
  • Global Executive Education
  • Health Professions Training Center
  • Global Leadership and Learning
  • Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Health Professions Training Center

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