Jonathan D. Barlow

Dr. / MD. Jonathan D. Barlow, MD

About the Doctor

Jonathan D. Barlow, M.D., exemplifies the intersection of academic rigor and surgical prowess within orthopedics. His medical journey encompasses a Master's degree in Orthopedic Surgery from the Mayo Graduate School, followed by specialized fellowships in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the Thomas Jefferson University and Sports Medicine at Ohio State University. These experiences have crafted a surgeon who is not only a master in his field but also a pioneer in sports-related injuries and their treatments.

Dr. Barlow's surgical repertoire extends to innovative procedures for conditions such as acromioclavicular joint arthritis, avascular necrosis, and complex elbow trauma. His academic contributions include numerous articles on rotator cuff repairs and shoulder arthroscopy, reinforcing his status as a thought leader. Beyond the operating room, he shapes the future of orthopedics as a residency program director and as an advocate for diversity in his field, reflective of his commitment to both his patients and the medical community at large.



Graduated School

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Jonathan D. Barlow work?

    He works in the orthopedics department.

  • At which hospital does Jonathan D. Barlow work?

    Dr. Jonathan works at - Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • What diseases is Dr. Jonathan in?

    Dr. Jonathan specializes in diseases and treatments such as elbow loose body, orthopedic trauma surgery, rotator cuff tear and shoulder replacement, elbow reconstruction.

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