Jeffrey R. Janus

Dr. / MD. Jeffrey R. Janus, MD

About the Doctor

Jeffrey R. Janus, M.D., is a distinguished otolaryngologist whose expertise in head and neck surgery has earned him a notable position as the Chair of the Department at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He is recognized for his board-certified specialty in head and neck oncologic and reconstructive surgery, underlining his adeptness in dealing with complex conditions. Dr. Janus’ foundational training at the University of Florida, where he entered the Junior Honors Medical Program, set a strong precedent for his future endeavors. His subsequent tenure at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, as an otolaryngologist and surgeon, was marked by significant advances in surgical techniques and patient care.

Dr. Janus' practice encompasses a wide range of procedures, including microvascular reconstruction, endocrine surgery with a focus on voice preservation, and innovative robotic surgery for oropharyngeal cancer. His commitment to surgical excellence is paired with an interest in the reconstructive aspects, ensuring patients not only survive but also thrive after their treatment. With numerous accolades such as the Teacher of the Year award from Mayo Clinic and a sizeable career development grant for research, Dr. Janus has cemented his role as a leader in otolaryngology, blending clinical acumen with compassionate, patient-focused care.



Graduated School

University of Florida College of Medicine

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Jeffrey R. Janus work?

    He works in the otorhinolaryngology department.

  • At which hospital does Jeffrey R. Janus work?

    Dr. Jeffrey works at - Mayo Clinic Florida.

  • What diseases is Dr. Jeffrey in?

    Dr. Jeffrey specializes in diseases and treatments such as microvascular reconstruction, parotid surgery, endocrine surgery and robotic surgery, regenerative medicine research.

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