Samar Farha

Dr. Samar Farha, MD

About the Doctor

Dr. Samar Farha is a renowned physician specializing in pulmonary medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, with expertise that spans multiple continents and languages, including Arabic, English, and French. Her medical journey commenced with robust training at the American University of Beirut, leading to an extensive fellowship at the same institution, before further advancing her specialization in the United States.

Dr. Farha's commitment to pulmonary and critical care medicine is reflected in her advanced fellowships, notably at the Cleveland Clinic. Here, she expertly navigates complex pulmonary conditions, contributing significantly to her field with a patient-centered approach that is both compassionate and driven by cutting-edge research.



Graduated School

American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Samar Farha work?

    She works in the pulmonary medicine surgery department.

  • At which hospital does Samar Farha work?

    Dr. Samar works at - Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

  • What diseases is Dr. Samar in?

    Dr. Samar specializes in diseases and treatments such as asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, scleroderma and pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension.

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