Alvin Chen

Dr. / MD. Alvin Chen, MD

About the Doctor

Dr. Alvin Chen blends his military discipline with a passion for orthopaedics, becoming a renowned consultant at King’s College Hospital in London. Graduating from King’s College Medical School and expanding his expertise with degrees in neuroscience and law, Alvin's academic journey is marked by a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. His broad training encompasses roles in emergency medicine, general surgery, and neurosurgery, culminating in a Doctorate in Orthopaedic Research from Imperial College London.

Specializing in the complexities of lower limb trauma, Alvin contributes to the orthopaedic field with over 35 publications and active roles in medical education. His clinical interests focus on advanced knee and hip procedures, including arthroscopic surgery and joint replacements. With a commitment to lifelong learning, he has directed courses at King’s College and served as the Local Educational Faculty Lead, fostering the next generation of medical professionals.



Graduated School

King’s College Medical School

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Alvin Chen work?

    He works in the orthopedics department.

  • At which hospital does Alvin Chen work?

    Dr. Alvin works at - The Blackheath Hospital.

  • What diseases is Dr. Alvin in?

    Dr. Alvin specializes in diseases and treatments such as arthroscopic knee surgery, meniscal surgery and repair, ligament reconstruction and arthritis in the young adult.

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