About the Doctor

With a robust foundation in orthopaedics from Mumbai's prestigious Seth GS Medical College, Mr. Sudhir Rao has honed his surgical expertise across continents. Beginning with an MBBS in 1985, he advanced through rigorous training to master surgery in orthopaedics. His quest for excellence led him to the United Kingdom, where he earned his MCh (Orthopaedics) under the esteemed Wessex Orthopaedic Training Scheme and acquired multiple FRCS qualifications by 1996. 

Mr. Rao's dedication to sports medicine and joint care is evident in his extensive fellowship training in the United States, specializing in knee, hip, and shoulder surgeries. Since 1997, he's applied his deep well of knowledge in the NHS and private sector, focusing on minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to sports injuries and arthritis management. His linguistic fluency complements his medical proficiency, enabling him to serve a diverse clientele with care and precision.



Graduated School

University of Liverpool

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Sudhir Rao work?

    He works in the orthopedics department.

  • At which hospital does Sudhir Rao work?

    Dr. Sudhir works at - The Blackheath Hospital.

  • What diseases is Dr. Sudhir in?

    Dr. Sudhir specializes in diseases and treatments such as anterior knee pain, biceps tendon pain, dislocated shoulder and bone spurs, buttock pain, chondral injury.

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