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Dr. Robert Molloy, MD, is an orthopaedic surgeon with a deep-seated expertise in hip and knee surgery. His medical journey began at Wayne State University School of Medicine, where he earned his MD, followed by a robust foundational training in orthopaedics through an internship and residency at the Cleveland Clinic. His dedication to the field is further exemplified by his fellowship in Adult Reconstruction at New England Baptist Hospital, where he refined his skills in advanced surgical techniques.

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Currently serving as the Vice Chairman of Orthopedics and the Director of Adult Reconstruction at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Molloy’s practice encompasses a spectrum of orthopaedic treatments, from joint reconstruction to the surgical management of arthritis in the hips and knees. Board-certified in hip and knee replacements, he is proficient in both primary and revision surgeries, addressing complex orthopaedic conditions with precision. Dr. Molloy’s approach to patient care is comprehensive, integrating cutting-edge treatments to improve function and alleviate pain, thereby enhancing the quality of life for his patients. His personal interests, outside of his demanding profession, include spending cherished time with his family.



Graduated School

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Robert Molloy work?

    He works in the orthopaedic surgery department.

  • At which hospital does Robert Molloy work?

    Dr. Robert works at - Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

  • What diseases is Dr. Robert in?

    Dr. Robert specializes in diseases and treatments such as arthritis surgery, hip replacement, joint aspiration and arthritis, hip disorders, knee joint disorders

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