Fernando Castro

Dr. Fernando Castro, MD

About the Doctor

Dr. Fernando Castro graduated from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dr. Castro received his medical education and master's degree from the University of Puerto Rico Affiliated Hospitals. Dr. Castro completed his internship in internal medicine and his specialization in internal medicine at the University Hospital of Puerto Rico. Dr. Castro was appointed in 2003. He completed his gastroenterology scholarship at the University of Puerto Rico Affiliated Hospitals.

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Dr. Castro joined Cleveland Clinic Florida as a board-certified gastroenterologist. Dr. Castro's special interests include diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies, inflammatory bowel disease, general gastroenterology, general herpetology, iron deficiency anemia, hepatitis C, and colonoscopy quality improvement.



Graduated School

University OF Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Specialization School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which specialty does Dr. Fernando Castro work?

    He works in the gastroenterology department.

  • At which hospital does Fernando Castro work?

    Dr. Fernando works at - Cleveland Clinic Main Campus.

  • What diseases is Dr. Fernando interested in?

    Dr. Fernando specializes in diseases and treatments such as colonoscopy, endoscopy, polypectomy, and anemia, achalasia, abdominal pain.

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